Ways to Save Money on Scrapbooking

Ways to Save Money on Scrapbooking

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We all know scrapbooking or making handmade cards can become an expensive hobby. There are so many amazing products and options out for paper crafting. Hope these tips help you save some money.


  1. Use Coupons: This one is pretty obvious, but make sure you use them. Remember no discount is too small. Just cause a zig two way pen is only 3.99 doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it to use your coupon.  When I can I bring my husband with me, so I can use two coupons.
  2. Pay Attention to Sales: A lot of the sales that happen at craft stores are the same percent off as the weekly single item coupon; however, some items are excluded from the coupon. Watch for these items going on sale. Watching haul videos on youtube can help you know what prices to look for.
  3. Research: Read product reviews online, so you don’t waste money on products you won’t use again.  It can be a big waste of money buying low quality stamps that don’t stamp well. Adhesive is another important product to research. You don’t want to buy an adhesive that is hard to use or doesn’t stick well.
  4. Shop Outside of the scrap booking Section: You can get buttons and watch gears on Esty for cheap, which make great embellishments. Shop at thrift stores and yard sales for old books and maps, which can be torn apart and used in your projects.
  5. Save your Scraps and Keep them Organized: Saving your scraps is the first step in saving money, but you need to use them too. I use two towers of 12 inch square drawers to organize my colored card stock. One the left side I keep paper scraps and the right I keep full sheets of card stock. I look for the color I need in the scraps, and if I can’t find it then I pull sheet from the full sized that is located right next to scraps.

Do you have any money saving tips?

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